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Studio 216

1435 34th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA


Studio 216 is an immersive technology company that empowers clients to see the future and experience their dreams in virtual, augmented and mixed environments. Read more…

Mocap Online

11265 Goodnight Lane, Dallas, TX 75229, USA


MoCap Online is powered by Motus Digital, a motion capture animation studio that has over two decades of CGI experience. Read more…


Cambridge, MA, United States


Xbox, VR

Founded in 2014 by an experienced team of industry veterans, Disbelief has offices in Cambridge, MA and Chicago, IL. Read more…

Armor-Plated Dove Productions

Cambridge, MA, United States

Games, Film, Advertising

Android, iOS, Linux, Mac

Clifford Anderson is an award-winning composer and songwriter who helps media creators tell compelling stories that move, thrill, and inspire. Read more…