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5245 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107


Imagine a more connected world. Sure, we can call, text, or video chat, but it’s just not the same as interacting face to face. Pluto wants to give people that feeling of connection, no matter where they are. Why? Because our experiences together matter. Being together matters.

What is Pluto?

It’s often hard for a duo or group to communicate remotely. With phone and video calls, you can’t visually follow the flow of the conversation, see where people are looking, or pick up on natural clues like who’s poised to talk next. Pluto solves these problems, so you get the feeling of hanging out in person, no matter where you are. The only way to experience it is to try it!


Do you have regular access to VR equipment ? Are you willing to provide details about what you like, what breaks, and what would help you enjoy Pluto even more?

Then we want your feedback. We’re in active development and looking for quality input. Tell us what works for you. Tell us what doesn’t. Tell us what it enables you to do—and what you wish it could do.

Download Pluto

Pluto Early Access release on Steam! After years of development, Pluto, the communications service for people in VR, is now available to the public.Try it with your friends today! #VR#XR #Pluto

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Pluto Team
Andy Piro
Bjorn Swenson
Forest Gibson
Heather Zweig
Jared Cheshier
Jean-Luc Bouthemy
Jeremy Romanowski
John Vechey
Jonathan Geibel
Matt McDonald
Scott Rankin
Serah Delaini
Sophia Baldonado
Steve Mauri
Walker Lindley
Will Swannack

We’re gathering a team of organic, free-range talent.

We need craftspeople who:

  • Are passionate about the possibilities of VR and AR
  • Share our vision for a society free from the shackles of physical location
  • Love collaborating
  • Are driven to contribute, learn, prove, and improve
  • Like the idea of working at a progressive startup

Does that sound like you?


While culture is a lot more than just perks and benefits, they say a lot about how a company treats its employees.

By supporting our team’s health and happiness, we create an environment where people are excited to chip in and make a difference.


Listing Information


10 - 50


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