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Prepare for a mind-shattering VR experience with insanely immersive visuals and 360 sound that will launch you and your friends into virtual worlds more realistic than anything you’ve ever imagined. Shoot, soar, save the day and play to win in a state-of-the-art IMAX VR Experience Centre. Welcome to the future. You’re not ready, but you will be.


Hello. Your experience begins the moment you step inside the sleek, social and futuristic lounge of the IMAX Experience Centre where you will prepare to have your mind blown.

Enter one of our IMAX VR Experience pods, strap on your headset and literally escape into an adventure. Our uniquely designed pods track your every movement so anywhere you look your senses are bombarded with stunning, otherworldly vistas and 360°, over-the-ear sound.

IMAX VR also features unique haptic feedback from industry-leading control devices – meaning you will feel every shot’s recoil, every sword’s swoosh, every arrow leaving the bow.


This isn’t your friend’s living room. With IMAX VR you’re getting the most advanced VR headset and motion-tracking technology powered by blazing fast computers in a state-of-the-art facility purposely designed to let you suspend reality. The result? A VR experience that’s light years ahead of anything else available.

Features of the IMAX VR experience include: Room-tracking technology that allows players to explore virtual space more than has ever been possible. Single-player and head-to-head multiplayer competition. A combination of the most advanced VR headset technology for unmatched immersion and image resolution. Control devices that give lifelike haptic feedback, adding a deeper layer of realism.

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