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Braavo Capital is a specialty finance and lending platform for the $100Bn+ mobile app ecosystem. Utilizing direct integrations into customers’ app store and analytics accounts, Aprenita can analyze real-time business KPIs and predictable sales revenue to underwrite loans with an entirely new credit scoring model. The company began onboarding customers in late 2015 and by May 2016 we had deployed ~$2MM in aggregate capital, with no losses.

Funding your company at the right time can lead to extraordinary returns — returns that can’t happen if you’re stuck waiting for app store payouts or VC funding. With Braavo, you’ll have the capital to build on your successes and the insights to take action when it matters most.

Our Products.

We provide automated financing based on your current and future revenue. We give you the capital you need right when you need it, with no equity dilution and automated repayment from existing revenue sources.

Braavo Accelerate

Double down on your success. Weekly revenue acceleration provides early access to your earnings from the app stores and ad networks so you can reinvest back into your business quicker. Maximize cash flows and continuously iterate on growth strategies to build momentum and improve ROI on UA investment.

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Braavo Extend

Fund tomorrow based on today’s performance. One-time or recurring cash funding based on revenue potential, giving you the capital up front to drive future growth. Our algorithms track and analyze your performance in real time, delivering just the right amount of funding to hit KPIs and unlock massive scale.

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