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Founded in 2015, STRIVR Labs is the world leader in using virtual reality (VR) to train individuals and improve performance. STRIVR is used by the world’s top organizations including professional sports teams and Fortune 100 companies.

The platform leverages the power of immersive VR training to help individuals learn faster and more effectively, focusing on reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making.

STRIVR uses data to assess retention, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions about individual preparedness for critical situations.

The Industry-Leading Immersive Training Platform

STRIVR Enterprise

Announced Date 
Transaction Name 
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Oct 2, 2018
Series A - STRIVR
Series A – STRIVR
1 $16M GreatPoint Ventures
Dec 14, 2016
Seed Round - STRIVR
Seed Round – STRIVR
4 $5M Signia Venture Partners

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We’re looking to add new team members who are ready to hustle, solve difficult problems with cutting edge technology, and leave a lasting impact. Get in on the ground floor of a technological revolution while working with some of the best organizations in the world as they adopt VR into their daily lives.

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Educational / Training, Enterprise

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