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Redemption Games, Inc. was started in the Summer of 2015 by Michael Witz and Dan Lin, two friends who have had a long history of starting companies and building products that millions of people love.

The mobile games business has become one of the most competitive industries the world has ever seen.   There are hundreds of thousands of games in the app store and to be able to rise to the top requires a unique combination of skill and effort, from how the game is designed to how its marketed and operated as a live service.  There are no silver bullets and no shortcuts.

Over the last several years in the trenches of free to play game development, we’ve evolved our own unique approach to building games that we are excited to unleash.   First and foremost, our playbook for making games starts with bringing together the right people.   In a highly competitive market for talent, we are grateful and excited to begin this new endeavor with an amazing founding team of developers, including key talent from SGN Games, Zynga, Google, Amazon and Rockstar.

Co-Founder and CEO – Michael Witz

Co-Founder and CTO – Dan Lin

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Venture Round - Redemption Games
Venture Round – Redemption Games
Ilkka Paananen

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If you’d like to join a small, elite group of developers looking to create an outstanding new mobile game, then please get in touch.

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