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Iron Realms Entertainment is the leading developer of both text MUDs/MMORPGs (text adventure games), with over a decade’s experience of successfully producing text games beloved by players around the world. Known formerly as Achaea LLC, Iron Realms was founded in 1996 by its CEO, Matt Mihaly, with the goal of producing high quality, text-based MUDs (or MMOs if you prefer) using a business model it pioneered – virtual asset sales.

IRE opened its first text game — Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands — in 1997 and has gone on to become the most successful developer of new text based online games in the world. * In 2001, Iron Realms opened its second MUD — Aetolia, the Midnight Age — to immediate success and followed that with its third text adventure game, Imperian, Sundered Heavens, in April 2003.

Both quickly entered the ranks of the foremost MUDs in the world and continue to maintain that status today. * In 2004, Iron Realms launched its fourth MUD, Lusternia, Age of Ascension, in late 2004. It became an instant hit in the world of text games and is continually ranked in the top 10, like all Iron Realms text games. * In December of 2009, Iron Realms released Midkemia Online, a text MUD based on works of NY Times best-selling author Raymond E. Feist.

The Worlds of Iron Realms Entertainment

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Our first and still most popular MUD, in Achaea you can become leader of one of our player-run cities, spend years mastering our legendary PvP combat, become a follower of one of our many Gods, and more.

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Vampires roam the world in Aetoliaa land besieged by terror and dark forces. Dare you fight against them, or will you embrace the darkness of the night? The choice is yours in this dark fantasy MUD by Iron Realms.

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The broken moons of Aetherius dominate the fates of all who adventure in the realm of Imperian, a world shattered and torn by factions vying for influence and ideology across the war-torn continent.

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Lusternia is set in a multi-planar realm where factions struggle to survive in a land corrupted by an ancient evil. Breaking new ground in dynamic roleplay, quests and skill systems, Lusternia is a unique gameworld.

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Starmourn is the world’s premiere sci-fi MUD, set 1000 years in the future in an original universe full of dozens of races and cultures. Master starship combat, become a legendary hacker, get rich running an economic empire.

The Iron Realms Team


CEO: Matt Mihály

A veteran of MUDs going back to the early 90s, Matt founded Iron Realms in 1995 to build best-in-class MUDs, personally developing much of Achaea – its first MUD – where he invented the modern free-to-play with virtual goods business model. Since then, he’s overseen the release of four other Iron Realms games, led a spin-off company (Sparkplay Media) that raised $8m and built in-browser tech for streaming MMOs (later sold to Turner Entertainment), and is currently working on Starmourn, IRE’s upcoming sci-fi MUD. Matt has a degree in political science from Cornell, and in his spare time likes outdoor activities/sports, photography, rescue dogs, travel and, of course, games of all sorts. 


CTO: Justin Walsh

Serving double-duty as CTO of Iron Realms and producing Starmourn, Justin is responsible for developing and supporting IRE’s core technical systems, alongside overseeing the development of our first space based game. His years of technical experience, paired with his life-long love of gaming, help keep the Iron Realms at the forefront of their field. 


President: Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy’s association with Iron Realms started as a player of the text adventure game Achaea before serving as a volunteer. He was eventually chosen to launch Iron Realms’s third MUD – Imperian – as its Producer and served as Executive Producer for Iron Realms before moving into his current role as President. Prior to working for IRE, Jeremy was an entrepreneur in the martial arts industry, and occasionally fought professionally in UFC-style bouts.

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