Blueprint Reality

Olympic Village, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Founded in 2016 by Tarrnie Williams and Ben Sheftel, Blueprint Reality Inc. is a Virtual Reality company situated in the heart of Vancouver’s gaming scene. Blueprint Reality was formed to capitalize on the rapidly expanding marketplace of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Our mission at Blueprint Reality is to create tangible, fantastical games and experiences that transport people beyond our world. We build from the foundation up, by creating tools that enable ourselves and empower others to blend powerful art and story with innovative technology and design.

Tarrnie Williams is an experienced leader who has dedicated his career to building products on the leading edge of interactive technology. He has lead development on almost every platform launch, new device, and business model, and has helped build and operate multiple successful studios and teams. Tarrnie has always held a deep interest in VR, and is enormously excited to again be pushing the boundaries of human experience with Blueprint Reality.

Tarrnie’s passion for advancing the art of games and interaction has seen him involved in the inception and establishment of multiple award-winning games and franchises, including the original Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, NBA Live, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, EA Sports Active 2, and Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast.

Ben Sheftel has been creating video games from a young age, and has a rare cross-discipline blend of experience in 3D modelling, game design, and software engineering. Ben has been leading engine, code and tools development from the outset and rapid expansion of both the Mobile and VR markets. His work includes JEOPARDY!, Red Bull Air Race, Bike Unchained, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, in addition to leading technology development in the User Experience and VR groups at Roadhouse.

Ben’s experience with 3D art provides a robust foundation for tool and pipeline development, and his intense passion for the gaming and technology industries has him always seeking newer, more efficient approaches to game development.

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